With the cloud system, you have welcomed the Bitcoin production system. Our system is the production system that registers Bitcoin on a daily basis for valuable users. Bitcoin is designed to make sure you are incredibly easy to produce and you can easily enjoy your room.
How to become a member
All you have to do is create a free membership registration to our site, you will be able to activate your membership by making the email activation. You can use your account in 2 ways, you can activate the free card by sharing our website in social media more accurately by fulfilling the tasks given to you and you can use free of charge, but you have to invest in our offer to activate the cards in the system and have time Easy to gain by making the production of BITCOIN
How do I use FREE card ?
In order to activate the free card, click on "buy new card" at the bottom of the section, click on the "free card" at the bottom of the section, and you will be able to complete the required transaction and then you will be able to earn your FREE card automatically.
Card usage time
Each card has a different duration of activity. From my cards you can see the cards that are active in your account and the usage periods. It shows how many days the cards will be active on the cards. (general information is not shown in particular you have to calculate)
How To Invest
In order to activate the cards, you need to have cash or bitcoin defined in your account. To deposit in cash or bitcoin, you just need to log in to the payment page, to deposit to the deposit account of bitcoin in the deposit section of the deposit section is sufficient for you to invest in our site and services. You can send via QR code or manually to our bitcoin address and just press the Send confirmation button after the Send.
How Do I Collect What I Earn?
After logging in to your account, please log in to my card section, face all cards defined in your account come separately for each card collection you do not have to do this, click on collect winnings on cards just press, all wins on their cards in time your account will be added as retractable winnings. The winnings of the cards are 10. you can pick up every minute.
How To Withdraw Money
All you have to do is log in to get the bitcoin in your account. after you do "my payment" portion of the amount you want to enter and withdraw and just specify the address of the bitcoin that will be hijacked. Shoot your requests are processed in a timely manner and the intensity of your requests and 24 hours after security checks Without fees) to your account.
There Are Different Types Of Money In The System.
BITCOIN - ETHERIUM - LITECOIN - DASH - Monero production with our system different cards are available for each coin production which you can coine if you want to make investments and produce, please coin related to the section of my cards log in to the field.
All the cards in our system are producing different bitcoin. New card al partumunde how much investment with the cards are activated , what hours and days as much as BITCOIN produced , how many days the cards are active is written in detail. As soon as you buy the cards, the cards will expire in a timely manner. he's gonna start breeding.
Our system serves worldwide. To serve in many languages we are working for you in English , German , Russian , Turkish , Chinese Spanish and Portuguese service within the short time we are serving as we plan to give, except the language support on our site 7 days 24 hour. with our team who can support by mail and know the available languages we are at your service
Reference Membership
Share banner or links in the "reference" section located in your uye panel you earn 150 Satososhi as a thigh bonus for each user you make. and also 10% of the user's daily earnings and 10% of the investment he made you will earn profits, short of all you need to do to your friends , your environment and to promote the system on the forums&websites and with your reference link  all this is done with reference links to ensure that the user is compatible with each user you're gonna get a full-length profit for it. nerve in reference link shares Forum site , website , blogs , mail , social media and you can identify all the points you can and follow the reference. you can win.
How to convert Satoshi BITCOIN
In the Member panel, scroll to the Convertor tab to translate Bitcoin Enter the amount of satoshi you want and press the dial button Satoshi Bitcoin will be translated simultaneously and your account will be It will be reflected.
There is no lower limit for bitcoin investment and processing operations. We do not recommend you to make a minimum of 0.001 bitcoin request to avoid waiting for a long time on the block order in the bitcoin pods.
Each user in the system can only open up to 1 member and the IP addresses are recorded in the member records. you will not be able to make new connections from the same ip address. If 1 user is detected to be extra member by different methods, in case of 2 nd or later, canceled as