Terms of use

General rules

The materials containing the details of the subscription agreement can be based on the phrases written in our FAQ as general conditions and conditions as they are on this page. Each user can open up to 1 member, more than one member of the same name will be registered ip address and not allowed to join the same ip address if any of the threads is changed by a process such as dns vps and it is detected in case of opening a lot of members, all members belonging to the party are canceled The warrant mailing is sent so that one party can decide once before the party is canceled The amount of cards received with investments made is not necessarily the case, the investor has to wait for the use of the cards to be able to draw. Every user is up to the security of their own information The share that will be made to activate FREE CARD will have to be facebook, instagram and sitemizde and be a tantan youtube videosu. The accounts to be shared are strictly active and must be owned by the users themselves. The accounts of the people who show their shares as faulty or as a share of the others are canceled.