FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS System is a platform that allows its users to generate cloud-based coins for free and with investment.
How to become a member
All you have to do is to become a free member of our site and activate the mail that will be sent to your e-mail address (in some cases we do not send an activation mail).
How do I use FREE card ?
In order to use the free card, if you earn a minimum of 10 reference members with your reference link, forum, website, social media, video platforms, e-mail, Google ads, yandex ads, personal circle and other options, your unlimited free production card is activated and you can produce for a lifetime.
Card usage time
Each card has a different duration of activity. From my cards you can see the cards that are active in your account and the usage periods. It shows how many days the cards will be active on the cards. (general information is not shown in particular you have to calculate)
How To Invest
It is very easy to invest, just click on the deposit tab after logging in. You will come across many payment options and you can pay on the most suitable coin type for you. When your payment receives 3/6 confirmation, the available limit in your account will be automatically added. With the available limit added to your account, you can easily generate the coin type you want 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by purchasing production cards. Regardless of the type of coin you pay, it is automatically calculated according to the BTT value and reflected in your account corresponding to the BTT type. The type of coin you pay will be reflected on your account exactly. No fees are charged for the conversion process.
How Do I Earn ?
By purchasing the coin card you want to produce, you can produce coins simultaneously every second according to the production speed of the card.The production cards work automatically and you do not need to make any transactions. You can collect the generated coins by logging into the panel at any time and convert them into usable limit. With the coins you produce, you can buy new cards or shoot to any stock market wallet you wish.
How To Withdraw Money
It is very easy to transfer the coins you have produced to your wallet, all you have to do is to convert the coins you want to withdraw as withdrawable from the "convert" section and then enter the amount you want to withdraw and your coin wallet address to be withdrawn by entering the withdrawal tab. That's all, your payments are made to the necessary inspection, security approval and order of the transaction, and the average time is 1 hour and the maximum time is 24 hours.
What types of coins can you produce with the system?
With our system, you can now produce BitTorrent - Doge - Tron - Holo and Chiliz coin types, and we are planning to add many more coin types to our system very soon and project them to be mining. However, now you can easily produce 5 types of coins and easily earn money.
How to Buy Cards ?
There are 2 ways to buy a production card You can buy cards by investing in option 1 Option 2, you can buy cards with the coins you produce. 1. Option: Sign in, click on the "deposit" tab in your panel, select the type of coin you want to pay and send to the wallet given to you at the rate you want. When your payment is approved at the rate of 3/6, your coins will be added to your available balance on our site. After being added, you can buy the card you want and start producing instant coins. Option 2: You can buy any new card you want with the coins that were produced by the production cards you previously bought. Remember that each card has a different crafting power
Our system has been prepared to serve all users around the world. We currently provide Whatsapp and mail support in English and Russian languages. Soon, we are working to provide technical support in Turkish and German languages. We will try to get back to us at any time via WhatsApp and e-mail as fast as possible, but please note that we can reply to you within 24 hours at the latest due to the intensity sometimes experienced.
Reference Membership
SThe most profitable method for each of our members is to gain reference members. You earn 10% of the amount of coins produced by every user who becomes a member of our site through your reference link, and 10% for each investment made by your reference members for a lifetime. In order to gain reference members, all you have to do is gain reference members and earn a significant daily coin income by means of forum, website, social media, mail promotion, google and yandex ads, personal advice, etc.
How can I withdraw the coins I generate
It is very easy to withdraw the coins you produce with your production cards to the wallet. For this, first of all, you make the coins you produce into the withdrawable position. It is enough to translate at the rate you want by entering the "convert" tab in the member panel. Then, by logging into the withdrawal tab on your panel, entering the amount you want to withdraw and the wallet address to be withdrawn, that's all. Your payment will be made to your wallet address after the necessary inspection and approval.
Investment and withdrawal limit MIT
TThere is no subpayment limit for investments, you can invest with the type of coin you want from the "deposit" tab. The lower payment limit for withdrawals varies depending on the minimum shipping limit of the exchange where our coin wallets are located.
Each user in the system can only open up to 1 member and the IP addresses are recorded in the member records. you will not be able to make new connections from the same ip address. If 1 user is detected to be extra member by different methods, in case of 2 nd or later, canceled as