Terms of use

General rules

All users who want to become a member of the system are deemed to have accepted the items on this page. Each user has only 1 membership right. It is forbidden to open 2 or more memberships on the same IP address. It is strictly forbidden for members to open a membership through the reference link in order to gain reference members. Members are responsible for the security of panel login information. It is imperative that system administrators be notified in case they experience a problem with their password or when you think their account has been compromised by malicious users. Otherwise, all responsibility belongs to the user for the account balance, production card, investment and withdrawal limit losses. Bestcloucoin.com management reserves the right to change the rules and membership agreement at any time without informing the users and members. Every user who is a member of the system has to read our FAQ page and accept the content specified there. You will be deemed to have declared that you accept these terms in the membership records. Our system administrators cannot be held responsible for any systemic problems or data loss. All users must keep track of their membership information, production cards they own, investment amount, withdrawal amount and the number of coins currently produced. When there is a problem of access to data due to a systemic problem, it is obligatory for the user to record all data in written and visual form in day and day form and to forward it to the management when requested, otherwise the member is not able to claim for possible losses. All articles written on the membership agreement and FAQ page will be considered as joint notification and will be deemed to be accepted by all members.